Attorney Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a mediator in your district? Please refer to Appendix H of the local rules.
How can I get a Certificate of Good Standing? Submit a request in writing stating the name of the attorney, state bar number, and date of admission to the Eastern District of Texas. Include $18.00 for each certificate and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Mail this request to:
Clerk of Court
U. S. District Court
300 Willow Street
Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 654-7000
If I complete an application to be admitted, am I required to take an oath before a judge? No. The Eastern District of Texas does not require attorney’s to take an oath. The attorney is required to have the application notarized and ask another attorney to recommend him/her. The instructions are on the application.
If I have passed the state bar and have paid my dues and taxes but have not received my bar number, can I still be admitted to practice in the Eastern District? No. The state of Texas does not consider you a licensed attorney until you receive your bar number. As soon as you receive your card, you may apply for admittance.

How do I get information to practice in the Eastern District of Texas? Attorneys who desire to appear as counsel in a case, shall complete an application for admission or an application to appear pro hac vice. These applications are approved by the Clerk of Court. These forms are on our website. Mail the application for admission to the address listed there. The amount of the fee required is also listed there. Mail the application to appear pro hac vice to the appropriate division. The fee is $100.
How long does it take to be admitted to the Eastern District? It usually takes from one to two weeks. If you have an emergency situation, call the Attorney Admissions Clerk in Beaumont at 409/654-7000.
How do I update my name, address, email address or secondary email address? If you are registered for electronic filing, your login and password will enable you to get into the system to make changes to your email address and secondary email addresses. Instructions on how to maintain your account may be found on our website. Attorneys not registered for electronic filing must complete a "Registration Form for CM/ECF" located under attorney information on our website. After completing the form, forward it to the Beaumont Clerk's office for processing. For changes of a firm name or street address, please complete the "Change of address Form" located under Attorney Information on our website and forward it to the Beaumont Clerk's office.