Transcript Request (Non-Appeal)

1. Request the transcript in writing (Form AO435) from the appropriate court reporter or directly to the court. Be sure to provide information to identify the material to be transcribed.
2. After receiving your request, the court reporter will provide an estimate of the cost. You must then make arrangements with the court reporter for payment.

Transcript Request - Digital Audio

1. Fill out form AO436 and save it in PDF format.
2. Docket the reqeust form under the event "Transcript/Digital Audio Recording Request".
3. When prompted, Enter the Date and Type of Hearing along with the Hearing Judge.

Transcript Request (Appeal)

If you are an appellant, you must follow these procedures.

1. Contact the appropriate court reporter to make financial arrangements for the transcript.
2. Complete information on the transcript order form (DKT13 Form, top portion and Part I) and forward pages 1-4 to the reporter. (This is a multi-part form. Originals must be used. Please contact the clerk's office to obtain this form.)
3. Distribute pages 5-8 as indicated on the bottom center of the form. The court reporter will complete Part II, forward page 4 to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and prepare an original and one copy of the transcript. The court reporter will file the copy of the transcript and forward the original to you.

Transcript Under the Criminial Justice Act

When representing a criminal defendant under the Criminal Justice Act, follow these procedures

1. Complete items 1-11 on the CJA 24 voucher. Originals must be used.
2. Forward the completed voucher to the presiding district judge for signature.