The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) of 1964 provides for furnishing representation in federal court for any person financially unable to obtain adequate representation in accordance with the CJA. For more information, please refer to the CJA Plan.

If you have not returned your Attorney Acknowledgement form to the Court, you will need to do that before you are able to log in or receive appointments.

When you log in the first time, you will need to verify all information, update address, update billing information, and change your password. You can also change your user name.

The Eastern District of Texas has adopted the Judiciary’s national CJA eVoucher System for on-line voucher preparation and submission. The eVoucher system will allow for on-line submission, monitoring and management of all Criminal Justice Act (CJA) functions. All attorney, service provider and court reporter vouchers will be submitted electronically eliminating the current paper based system. Please review the information provide on this page to get familiar with the system. For questions contact:

Jason Broome 903-590-1013
Terri Mathis 903-590-1022

System Requirements

To access the eVoucher system the following internet browser is required:

  1. Windows: Internet Explorer 8 or newer are approved.
  2. Apple Macintosh: Safari 5.1 or newer is approved.
  3. Chrome, Firefox and other browsers may not be used with CJA.