Records and Access
You may view docket entries filed during a specific time frame using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. Each divisional office has a public terminal for accessing these records except Marshall.

If the case you would like to retrieve is not available through the PACER service, you must contact the division the case was originally filed for further information. Records and Access Frequently Asked Questions

Retrieving Civil Cases

The followingmay be used as a guide for accessing civil case files and documents.
  • Civil cases filed from 1990 to present
  • You may access the docket sheet and most documents during this time period using your PACER login. Access to documents is limited in cases filed prior to the implementation of CM/ECF. Contact a divisional office for information regarding entries that do not have a document attached.
  • Sealed Civil Cases
  • Access to sealed cases is restricted to court personnel only.
  • Social Security Cases, Immigration Cases
  • Access to these type cases is restricted to attorneys of record only.

Retrieving Criminal Cases

The following may be used as a guide for accessing criminal case files and documents.
  • Criminal cases filed prior to
    November 1, 2004
  • Access to documents are denied except to attorneys of record. Contact the clerk for retrieval of the file or a document.
  • Criminal cases filed after
    November 2004 to present
  • Criminal cases may be accessed using the PACER system. A login and password are required to access PACER unless using a public terminal located in the lobby of each divisional office, except the Marshall division.
  • Sealed Criminal Cases
  • Access to sealed cases is restricted to court personnel only.

Retrieving Case Files From the Records Center

Most case files prior to electronic filing are stored in the Federal Records Center located in Fort Worth, Texas. Before contacting the records center for retrieval of these records, you must have the accession, location and box number assigned to the case file.

The archive information is available on the docket sheet in most cases. If the information is not listed, contact the division where the case was filed for archive information.

You may contact the records center at the following street address or phone number.

  • Federal Records Center
  • 1400 John Burgess Dr
  • Ft Worth, Texas 76140
  • Phone Number: 817-551-2000
  • Fax Number: 817-551-2021