The Local Rules E-Book Guide
This E-book guide is provided to help guide you in saving the local rules in e-book format to your handheld or e-book reader. The Eastern District of Texas in no way endorses specific websites, manufacturers, software packages, or devices. If you should need further assistance please consult your device or software manual.
The Eastern District of Texas does not provide direct technical support for installing or using the local rules in E-book format

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This guide is provided as is and is meant to be a simple tutorial. The Eastern District of Texas does not provide direct technical support for installing, using, or maintaining the local rules on individual devices. Refer to the manufacturer's documentation for specific instructions for your device.

E-Book Format

Epub as an Open E-book Format

The Eastern District of Texas Local Rules E-book is available in Epub (Electronic Publication) format and can be read and displayed using any reader that supports this format. When checking for compatibility with your device look for EPUB as a supported e-book format. Below is a small guide for some of the more popular devices. For more information regarding the epub format visit the International Digital Publishing Forum. For a list of supported devices and software visit For specific information about your device and software, refer to the manufacturer.

A MOBI version of the local rules is also available for Kindle users.

E-book on Ipad or Iphone devices

Installing the E-book into iBooks

Open the Eastern District of Texas Local Rules Home Page in the Safari browser.

Click on the Local Rules E-Book Link in Safari.

You will be presented with two options, "Open in.." and "Open in 'iBooks'". Select the Open in "iBooks" option to install the E-book into iBooks applications.

Your device will switch to iBooks and install the Ebook into your iBook.

Updating the E-book into iBooks

To Replace or Update the Local Rules, first delete the E-book from your Library

From within iBooks click on the Edit feature to enter the editing and library management mode. Select the book to be removed/deleted from the library.

The selected book will have a checkbox overlayed onto the icon of the book indicated it has been selected for delete.

Click on the Delete feature to remove the book. A warning will be displayed to confirm your request for deletion.

After the e-book has been removed, install the e-book as normal.

E-book on Android and Other Devices

Install an EPUB compatible reader.

Open the Eastern District of Texas Local Rules Home Page in the device's browser.

You will be prompted to download or open the E-book directly in the E-reader application.

Depending on your E-Reader application, you may need to manually add the EPUB to your Ereader's library from your devices downloaded location.

Kindle users will need to download the MOBI version of the local rules.