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Eastern District of Texas

Honorable Rodney Gilstrap, Chief Judge
David A. O'Toole, Clerk of Court

Power of Attorney Guidelines for Surety Corporations

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Requirements for filing a Supersedeas Bond, Surety Bond or a Power of Attorney

It is the filing party’s responsibility to confirm the following information before filing a bond or power of attorney .

The bond or power of attorney may be filed electronically using CM/ECF. The original of each should be mailed to the clerk at the following address. Please include a cover letter to the clerk indicating the bond or power of attorney was previously filed electronically to avoid collection of duplicate fees.

U.S. District Court
104 N. Third St.
Lufkin, TX 75902


Confirm the insurance company is listed on the Department of the Treasury’s Listing of Certified Companies. Refer to the Department of the Treasury website listed below.

• If the insurance company does not appear on the certified companies list, contact the Department of the Treasury.

• If the amount of the bond is more than the underwriting limitation, the excess must be protected by co-insurance.

• If the company is not licensed and incorporated in the State of Texas, a power of attorney must be filed.

Power of Attorney

A miscellaneous filing fee must be collected at the time a power of attorney is filed. Refer to the fee schedule for the amount due.

• Pursuant to Local Rule CV-62, the agent must reside in the Eastern District of Texas unless the court orders otherwise.

• The power of attorney must be signed by the corporate officer, contain a corporate seal and notarized.