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Eastern District of Texas

Judge Rodney Gilstrap, Chief Judge
David A. O'Toole, Clerk of Court


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  • How do I get my name removed from receiving electronic notices in a case in which my party is no longer an active participant

    If you are no longer an active participant in this case and you want electronic noticing to be turned off so that you will stop receiving filing notices, file a request for termination of electronic notice. [local rule (cv-11(e))]

  • Are my login and password issued by another district court applicable to the Eastern District?

    No. Each district assigns a specific login and password for each registered attorney of record.  You are able to modify your login and password to anything you choose.

  • It appears the court's electronic filing system is not operational. What do I do?

    In the unusual event CM/ECF system is not operational; please see Technical Failure Procedures.

  • I am new to electronic filing. Where do I go to find on-line training materials, FAQ's, and additional filing information?

    You can easily access all of our electronic filing information and training materials from our website under Filing.

  • My computer crashed and I was unable to submit my document electronically by the date it was due. What should I do?

    Please see local rule cv-5 (a)(9) and (10).

  • My electronic file is extremely large. Is there any way I can submit the document electronically?

    Yes.  A document larger than 15 MB must be split into multiple files 15 MB or smaller [local rule (cv-5 (a)(4))]. This may be done by separating portions of the document into multiple documents, none of which exceeds the 15 MB size limit.  Please see Filing Large Documents and Attachments for detailed instructions.

  • Can I file electronically if I am a pro se litigant?

    Pro se litigants (prisoner and non-prisoner) are exempt from electronic filing. Local Rule CV-5(1)(B) 

    If pro se litigants (non-prisoner) wish to file electronically, permission from the court must be granted to do so. Permission may be requested by filing a motion with the court. Local Rule CV-5(2)(B)

  • Can I file electronically with the district court using my bankruptcy login and password?

    No.  Assigned logins and passwords are court specific. Electronic filers do have the ability to modify their logins and passwords.

  • Can I correct my own docketing errors?

    No.  Once a document is electronically filed by a registered user and becomes part of the official record, corrections to the docket may be made only by the clerk's office.  The system will not permit the filing party to make changes to the document(s) or docket entry once the transaction has been completed.  Parties should contact the their local clerk's office for assistance.

  • Can I submit a document under seal electronically?

    Yes with some restrictions. For civil cases, see Local Rules CV-5(a)(7) and  for criminal cases see Local Rule CR-49

  • Can I continue to file my documents in paper format?

    Yes, with court permission.  Although electronic filing is required, Local Rule 5(e) provides that a party may, for cause, move to be excused from the requirement of electronic filing.

  • Can I file documents electronically in any case in the Eastern District of Texas if I have a court issued log-in and password?

    Yes.   See Local Rule 5 and Local Criminal Rule 49, which state electronic filing is required. "Unless the presiding judge otherwise directs, an attorney—other than a prisoner pro se party—must file any pleading (except a complaint), motion, or other paper by electronic means, subject to the restrictions and requirements of the ECF Administrative Procedures Manual. A party may, for cause, move to be excused from the requirement of electronic filing."

  • Do I have to submit a separate ECF registration form for each case designated as ECF?

    No. A registered user is issued one login and password for electronic filing in the Eastern District of Texas.

  • Can I file an application for pro hac vice electronically?

    Yes, However, before attempting to docket an Application to Appear ProHac Vice, you must complete the application on our website and click on the Email button to forward your application for approval. Once approved, the clerk will email your new Login and Password to you so that you will be able to electronically file your application and pay the $100 fee on line. If you already have a login and password, you will still need to wait for an approval email from the clerk before filing your electronic application.