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Eastern District of Texas

Honorable Rodney Gilstrap, Chief Judge
David A. O'Toole, Clerk of Court

ECF Registration

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NextGen ECF is now LIVE for the Eastern District of Texas!

If you already have an Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) electronic filing (e-filing) account but are having trouble logging in, our NextGen Information may help you regain access.





Pursuant to Local Rule CV-5(a)(2), you are eligible to register if you are:

a) An attorney admitted to practice or approved to appear pro hac vice (PHV), or
b) A non-prisoner pro se litigant who has obtained approval from the court to file electronically. (See Advisory to Non-Prisoner Pro Se Litigant E-Filer at the bottom of this page.)


ATTORNEYS NOT ADMITTED TO PRACTICE, please see the instructions for submitting your Application for Admission to Practice or Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice. (Please note that admission or PHV appearance is still required in an inter-district transfer case even if you appeared PHV in the transferor district. If JPML Rule 2.1(c) applies, however, call the admissions clerk at (903) 590-1007 to so advise, then proceed to Step 2.)


STEP 2: ONCE ELIGIBLE, VISIT PACER’S WEBSITE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO PRACTICE PACKET OR ECF REGISTRATION REQUEST. (The clerk will confirm PHV eligibility to an attorney by sending an approval of the PHV application.)

To submit your Application for Admission to Practice packet or ECF registration request, go to PACER’s Manage My Account screen, select the Maintenance tab, then “Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration” or “Non-Attorney E-File Registration.” If you are an attorney, after selecting the court type and district, you will then need to make a second selection. If you are seeking full admission, select "Attorney Admissions and E-File"; if you have been approved to appear PHV, select “PHV.” (If you do not have a PACER account yet, use the appropriate link to create the account and submit your request: Attorney registration / Non-attorney registration.) The Manage My Account screen is also the location where you must maintain your contact information, including your email address, whenever it requires updating.


Once the court has approved your Application for Admission to Practice or ECF registration request, you will be notified automatically. You must then e-file all eligible documents using your PACER account credentials.


Please note that ECF registration requests that are submitted prematurely will be rejected since it will appear to the clerk as if you have not met the eligibility requirements to e-file.


Advisory to Non-Prisoner Pro Se Litigant E-Filer

Please review the ECF Training resources that are available on the court's website at before you submit your ECF Registration request through PACER. Instructions for submitting your request, which require that you establish a PACER account, may be found on our website at: You are reminded that:

  • You must abide by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Eastern District of Texas' Local Rules, and the instructions provided in the ECF Training resources posted on the court's website;
  • Fed. R. Civ. P. 11 applies with full force and effect to the documents you file;
  • You must update my contact information, including your e-mail address through through the Manage My Account screen available on PACER’s website;
  • You should save each document you are served during the "one free look" period (15 days after the NEF is sent). Otherwise, you will be charged PACER's per-page rate if you remotely access a document outside of those provisions. You may also view documents and docket sheets in person at the divisional Clerk’s Offices in the Eastern District of Texas at no charge on the public access terminals;
  • Your e-filing access may be disabled by the clerk after closure of your case and disposal of any appeal taken or expiration of time to file an appeal, or upon the Court's determination that that your e-filing access should be disabled for any reason.